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What can training at The Career Center – Adult Technical Training do for someone? Just ask Vickie Mooney.

In January 2017, Mooney began the Chemical Operator class at The Career Center – Adult Technical Training in Marietta. Her daughter Olivia, a 2016 graduate of St. Marys High School was taking the Chemical Technician program. Mooney’s husband is employed at a local plant and knew that industrial careers were in-demand and expressed that to his wife and daughter. For three-months Mooney drove from Dunbar, WV, where she worked as a dental hygienist, to class in Marietta. The Chemical Operator program is three-months, Monday thru Thursday from 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm. Her program instructors were impressed with her work ethic and desire to learn and had no doubt she would be successful upon program completion. 

After receiving her Chemical Operator Certification Mooney interviewed at Veolia in Pennsboro, WV. Veolia is a global company with a value of 7 billion dollars and is the world leader in the treatment of water. Veolia was opening a new facility in Pennsboro. Mooney was one of the first hired and the first female operator with Veolia. The facility cleans fracking water, so it can safely be reused, it is the first of its kind in the oil and gas industry.
Working at a new and smaller facility gave Mooney the opportunity to experience all aspects of the operator job. Her favorite job duty was working in the lab facilities. She interviewed and was hired as the Lab Manager in 2018. She is responsible for the facilities lab and has a staff of eight working with her. The Pennsboro plant is designed to treat 60,000 barrels of water per day, which keeps Mooney and her staff very busy. 

So what does training at The Career Center mean to Mooney? “It has changed my life and made such a difference to me. I owe the school so much!”

Her daughter Olivia completed the Chemical Technician program in June of 2017 and worked as a material handler at a local plant for one-year.  This gave her the on the job training and experience she needed to move on to her chosen career field. In 2018 Olivia was hired by Momentive Performance Materials as a full-time Chemical Operator.  

The Career Center- Adult Technical Training is located on State Route 676 in Marietta, Ohio. For more information on the Chemical Operator or Chemical Technician programs call 800.648.3695 or visit

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