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Job Opportunity


Transition/Placement Coordinator


QUALIFICATIONS: Postsecondary degree/certificate required. Related experience preferred. Excellent leadership, organizational, communication and time management skills. Ability to successfully promote a positive image of self, students and career-technical programs to employers and community leaders. Demonstrated ability to work with students. Possess strong positive relationship with local employers.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for obtaining work-based learning opportunities for all students. The coordinator, along with the program instructors, will provide assistance for students as they transition from school to employment. Implement and coordinate a total placement system from the resources of business/industry, employment assistance agencies, staff, students, and participating school districts. Fosters relationship with employers, agencies, and community leaders to promote WCCC programs and job placement. Develop and maintain an employer data base. Create and maintain a Placement Advisory Committee. Works with program teachers to facilitate schoolwork -based learning opportunities. Post current placement information on school website.

COMPENSATION: Up to 37 1/2 hours/week – 219 days/year

Competitive benefit package

DEADLINE: Priority Deadline June 29, 2021 @ 3:00 PM

CONTACT: Qualified, interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to:

Dennis A. Blatt, Superintendent

(740) 373-2766 Extension 1040

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