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Adult Tech Rolls Out Second Chance Grant

Reducing financial barriers preventing Ohioans with some college but no degree from returning to higher education is the goal of the Ohio Second Chance Grant. It is estimated that 1.5 million Ohio residents have received college credits but never completed school.

The Washington County Career Center – Adult Technical Training is pleased to offer this program to any student enrolling after January 1. The Second Chance Grant will provide financial assistance in the amount of $2,000 grants to eligible students. The grant can also be combined with other scholarships and financial aid programs.

Tony Huffman, director of Adult Technical Training elaborated, “This new Ohio Department of Higher Education initiative is a fabulous way for the state to enhance its workforce. Too many Ohioans pursue college degrees unsuccessfully. About half who pursue college degrees drop out without credentials and with high debt. What a great opportunity for some of these local residents to take advantage of this funding and complete a postsecondary credentialing program at the Washington County Career Center, Adult Technical Training!”

For more information on Second Chance Grants, visit More information on the Washington County Career Center, Adult Technical Training can be found at or by calling 1.800.648.3695.

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