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Industrial Careers Field Day

Join us for a day of exploring careers in industry and manufacturing!

Why choose a career in industry and manufacturing?

  • There is a widespread shortage of skilled workers.

  • Opportunities for growth and development in your job.

  • Educational partnerships, ask area employers about the opportunity for internships.

  • No sitting at a desk all day!

  • ROI (Return On Investment) Training is one-year or less and takes 16-hours a week.  

Activities for the day will include:

  • Interactive tours of the industrial training labs at The Career Center.

  • Meet with area employers and learn about the skills needed to begin your journey.

  • Participate in hands-on competitions at our "Outdoor Industrial Training Facility" and win prizes!

  • Learn about scholarships and financial aid options, including FAFSA.

High School Students - This day can be used as an excused absent for a post-secondary / college visit, talk with your guidance counselor about what you will need!


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