Industrial Lab Technician

Lab Technicans re responsible for:

  • setting up lab equipment,

  • Performing preventive maintenance,

  • testing samples,

  • troubleshooting.

Time To Complete

  • Six Months (200 hrs)

Tuition Cost

  • $1,785

Supply Cost

  • $372

Classes Are Offered

Fall Quarter – July 6, 2020

Two Evenings Per Week


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Course Content Includes

  • Physical Chemistry

  • Principles of Organic Chemistry

  • Clerical Skills & Measurement Techniques

  • Atomic Structure & Chemical Equations

  • Gravimetrics, Solutions and Stoichiometry

  • Acid/Base Titrations and Standard Curves

  • DIstillation Techniques

  • Principles of Instrumentation

  • Industrial Spectrophotometry

WorkKeys Assessment

This program has benchmark WorkKeys assessment scores which must be obtained prior to admissions into the program.  Remediation through Aspire or KeyTrain is available for those who do not initially meet the necessary scores.  Click here to learn more.

Contact to Learn More

John Moore


740-373-2766 Ext. 2030

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Curt Copen


740-373-2766 Ext. 2031

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“A company who hires a graduate of the Career Center – Adult Technical Training’s Chemical Operator program will have an employee with a strong foundation.  Their site specific training typically reduces the cost of long training programs and places operators in the workforce more quickly.”


Darrell Veyon, Training Coordinator at Momentive Performance Products