Boiler Operations


Ohio Department of Commerce Approved Training


Boiler Operators must have knowledge on a variety of subjects relating to these boiler room systems including;

  • steam boilers and fittings,

  • steam engineering,

  • water treatments,

  • and safe operation to prevent damage or injury.


All aspects covered are important to the safety and successful operation of the boiler explaining proper operating procedures, awareness needed of materials used, system design, and limits of the materials used in the equipment to prevent dangerous failures.

Operators must be familiar with devices used to supply fuel to the furnace, protective devices, types of controls used, type(s) of draft required for different fuels, techniques used to control fuel and air to furnace to regulate the release of heat to the boiler, and much more.

This training helps to prepare to take the Ohio Boiler Operator license exam.  To be eligible to sit for the exam, one must have 1,000 hours of documented experience working with a boiler under the direction of a licensed boiler operator.

Time To Complete

  • Low Pressure Class – 7 Weeks

  • Low & High Pressure Class – 10 Weeks

  • Steam Engineer Class – 16 Weeks

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Supply Cost

  • Low Pressure Class – $112

  • Low & High Pressure Class – $140

  • Steam Engineer Class – $268

Tuition Cost

  • Low Pressure Class – $800

  • Low & High Pressure Class – $1,070

  • Steam Engineer Class – $1,760

Classes Are Offered

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