AgriBusiness Planning & Analysis

APA is a program that teaches financial principles for any kind of new or existing business.


AgriBusiness Planning & Analysis has been a part of area agriculture since 1972.  The program has served hundreds of operations that contributed millions of dollars to the area economy.


The program works with clients at any level of business experience including beginning, part-time or full-time.  The training provides a realistic and logical process for measuring a business and making yearly adjustments that need to be considered.  A confidential consultant will guide clients through financial records, tax estimates, cost-of-production analysis, and business organizations.


The goal of APA is to help you develop and use your record system to manage your business.  Good records will provide the information needed for income tax preparation, loan applications, and business management decisions.


Whatever record system you choose, it should supply the information you need to analyze the cost-of-production for each enterprise.  APA will provide consultation to guide you through business and enterprise analysis.


The true test of any record system?  Can you find the information you need when you need it?  


All information is kept strictly confidential. Much of the training is one-on-one so your specific questions can be answered. Contact The Career Center for current tuition.

APA is part of Adult Technical Training at The Career Center.

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